Our Services

Our Short-Term Rehabilitation Services include:
Wound Management Service

We provide a multi-disciplinary approach for the care and treatment of acute and chronic wounds both within the hospital, extending through to the completed episode of wound care.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

We support you in your recovery by providing you with the information and emotional support you need to develop your own self-management skills, to pace your recovery and regain your fitness and confidence.

Post-orthopedic surgical rehabilitation

We provide the patient with information and emotional support you need to be able to complete tasks independently that will allow the injured site to heal the most satisfactorily.

Physical Therapy

We diagnose and manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical and functional abilities.

Cognitive Training

We use guided practice on a set of tasks related to memory, attention, or other brain functions inorder to enhance your cognitive skills.

Neuro-Muscular Re-education

We are specialized in a form of deep tissue massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscle.

Speech Therapy

We help patients treat, improve, or maintain efficiency and effectiveness in communication, being a vital part in carrying out one's daily living activities.

Orothic/Prosthetic Training

We provide specialised, interdisciplinary limb absence rehabilitation for patients who have experienced amputation as a result of vascular disease, trauma, cancer, infection or any other cause, and patients with congenital limb absence.

Home Assessment and Modifications

We determine if your home meets the level of medical care you or your loved ones need and also suggest ways to improve on it.

We Offer:
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Home Assessment and modifications
  • Orthotic/Prosthetic Training
  • Linguistics and swallowing
  • Speech Therapy
GNCC Home Health Care Services

We offer patients the same high quality care they have come to expect from a hospital. Our health professionals work with physicians, patients and their families to provide comprehensive care that promotes healing and independent at the comfort of their home. Educate and help patients and families adjust to home healthcare. This includes on-call nursing 24/7. Medical social work services, co-ordination of physician-ordered lab test, home health, aide services, respiratory care, dietary counselling, companion care.

GNCC Senior Daycare Services

We are committed to helping the frail elderly or the chronically disabled older adult, who is home-bound or in need of supervision to continue living independently or with family and providing socialization and supervision in a welcoming, structured and supportive environment and a break to their family caregivers where appreciable. This includes safe reliable daytime programing.

Why work with us?
We are designed to promote a result oriented living Environment.
We never doubt God’s calls on this ministry (GNCC) and strive to keep it ever present in our thinking.
We deeply believe that God has called us and that is why we can ‘never’ take advantage of our residents.
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